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Our Team

Our partners have valuable executive leadership experience as business owners, Presidents/CEOs and Independent Board Members in family owned businesses, private companies and employee owned businesses (ESOP).

Our Mission

Provide our clients with trusted succession planning and transitional leadership coaching, guidance and support.

Our Approach

We work with the existing company leadership to develop a holistic succession plan, help to identify and prepare key leaders for their future roles and then provide support services through the transition and beyond in order to ensure the successful future of the organization.

Services Offered

Succession Planning

Surveys say that over 80% of established companies do not have a documented succession plan.  Let us help you form a holistic plan to help ensure a bright future for your company.

Independent Directors

We serve as outside board members for companies providing support and guidance preparing for a leadership transitions and then executive support and coaching through the transition period and beyond.

Corporate Governance

We assist companies in establishing a corporate governance structure that forms a solid foundation with the proper checks and balances for the leadership of the organization into the future.

Interim CEO

Our partners are experienced company Presidents and CEOs.  We are experienced in leading turnarounds in distressed companies and can help lead your organization through transitions to new leadership.

ESOP Transitioning

We have experience transitioning family owned or privately held businesses into being employee owned. (ESOP)  We understand the leadership, educational and communications necessary to make a smooth transition into employee ownership.

Executive Coaching

Even experienced leaders need a sounding board or peer they can count on when making challenging decisions.  We provide guidance, support, coaching and a supportive ear to executive leadership.

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